How can I play your VR videos?

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You can watch VR videos in several ways. Mostly you need special device to get the best experience.

1. Oculus Rift for Mac and PC Download the video. Wait time will depend on the video size.

If you don’t already have the Oculus video player Whirligig installed on your machine, download it from the internet and install it.

Once Whirligig is installed, move your downloaded VIPISSY VR video to the Media folder in Whirligig (Whirligig//production//media).

Make sure that your Oculus Rift headset is configured properly, and your settings adjusted to your liking.

In Whirligig, click and run Whirligig_DirectToRift.

The program is running properly when your monitor turns white.

Put on your Oculus Rift headset.

You’ll see video with settings options. We suggest the following settings for watching VIPISSY VR content:

Viewing: Dome SBS Tilt: 90 Field of View (FOV): 180 Radius: 9.0

Once you complete your settings, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to play video.

Additional settings for the Mac OS X Go to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and tick the Mirror Displays box. 

OS X uses a vertical orientation for the Oculus display, so you need to go to the Display tab > Rotation and choose 90°. Also make sure that the refresh rate is set to 75Hz and the resolution is Scaled > 1080p.


2. Samsung Gear VR (compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 phones)

Download the VR movie you want to watch.

On your phone, open your MyFiles app and click “Videos.”

Select and hold the VR video you downloaded and move it to the following file path: 

Device Storage//Android//Data//

Within the app, click the “Move Here” button. 

Insert your phone into your Gear VR headset and adjust your settings to your liking. 

Use your headset’s directional pad to select the “MilkVR” application. 

Select “Downloaded” in the navigation. Swipe on your directional pad until you find your downloaded VR video. Tap your directional pad once to select the video, then tap it again to play the video.

3. Android (might be available only for newer smartphones):

Download AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS from the Play Store, tap the “Play from finder” button and select your video. 

Configure settings based on your particular VR headset as it will differ depending on the phone that is being used. 

Example settings on the Samsung Galaxy S4: Side-by-Side with 180 Screen Size: 110 Head Tracking: Full 

After configuration, press play and place your Android Smartphone into your VR headset. 

All video controls can be accessed by looking to either side of the video as well as down.


4. iPhone Download the video files you want to watch. 

Download the Mobile VR Station app from the App Store. 

Connect your iPhone to iTunes and expand the Applications tab in order to view the Mobile VR Station’s “Downloads” folder. 

Drag the virtual porn video files into the app’s downloads folder. 

Unplug your phone from iTunes and launch the app. 

Navigate to the File Manager tab within the app and click on the “i” symbol next to the video file to configure the scene to your personal preference (We recommend “3D Front Full Dome Side By Side” for Playback Type).

Insert your iPhone Smartphone into your VR headset.

Put on your headset and play video.


5. On Playstation4

1) Download & install the "LittlStar" application from the PlayStation store to the PlayStation 4. 

It is a free application in the store. 

2) Download the 1920x960 version of the scene. 

3) You need to rename the file for LittlStar to recognize it as a VR movie. 

For a 180 degree VR scene, you need to append "_180_sbs" to the end of the file's name. 

For the "Fifth Avenue" scene currently on VIPissy, the file would end up with the name "video-fifth-ave_VR_180_sbs.mp4". 

4) On a USB memory stick, create a folder named "LittlStar" on the root of the stick.

Copy the video into this folder. 

5) Put the USB stick into one of the USB slots on the PS4. 

6) Start up the PS4, turn on the VR set, then start up the LittlStar app (it will be under the TV & Movies section of the PS4). 

7) Hit the "Circle" button on the PS4 controller to bring up LittlStar's video source options. 

Use the left joystick of the controller to select "Library". VR movies in the USB's LittlStar folder will now be available to watch.

Note - we've tried with external hard drives that have a USB connector, and we've also tried the USB stick in a USB hub connected to the PS4 - neither of these will work, it must be a USB stick into one of the PS4's USB slots for LittlStar to be able to find the movie.


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